To Setup your webtv to connect with GlobalNet,  make sure your phone line is unplugged from the back of your webtv unit.

2.  Turn on your webtv.

3.  It will bring up a dialog box  "Explain, Options, or Try Again." Select the Options button using your arrow keys on your webtv keyboard. 

4.  On the next screen, select "Use Your Own ISP."

This screen will allow you to enter your GlobalNet information:

the settings window

5. Make sure the top most box is checked which says "Check this box and fill in the blanks to use your own internet service provider."

6. Type GlobalNet in the "Service Provider Name" box.

7. Type your user name in the "Login Name" box, which is the name you chose at the time of signup. Make sure everything is typed lowercase with no spaces in between.

8. Type in your password in the "Password" box. Make sure it is typed all lowercase with no spaces in between.

9. Type in your local access number which was provided to you at the time of signup in the "Modem Dial-in Number" box. Make sure you do NOT include the area code in the phone number box unless needed to dial your local number. The "Backup Number" box is left blank.

If you need a list of dialup numbers please CLICK HERE to search for your number.

10. Verify that all the information is typed correctly. Click on the "Done" button at the bottom right corner to save your information.

11. Now you are all setup to connect with your webtv using GlobalNet. Turn off your webtv, plug your phone line back into your webtv, turn it on and you are ready to connect.

If you have problems connecting, run through the same steps again to verify that the information you typed is correct. Check your phone line connection to your webtv making sure it is in the correct port and is connected securely. If you are still having problems then contact GlobalNet and we can verify with you that the information you typed is correct.


  GlobalNet has thousands of access numbers to serve you across the USA:  

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