Follow these easy steps below to set up your Outlook Express for e-mail.

First locate the program Outlook Express. The icon usually looks like a picture of a white envelope with a blue arrow wrapped around it. It is either located on your desktop, next to your start button, or if you click on
Start and go to Programs, it is usually listed near the bottom of the menu. Open Outlook Express.

2. If you have never been in here, an Internet Connection Wizard screen will appear. (If this screen appears, please go to step #5.)

3. If the Internet Connection Wizard does not appear, click on Tools at the top of the page. Click on Accounts located at the bottom of the menu. Then click once on the Mail tab in the Internet Accounts window.

4. Click on Add on the right hand side. Click on Mail.

5. Enter your full name in the Display name field.  Click on Next.

6. Enter your GlobalNet E-mail address.  This should be your  Click on Next.

7. At the top you should have
POP3 selected for your incoming mail server.  Go down to the next line and enter for the Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP, or HTTP) server.  Go down to the next line and enter for the Outgoing mail(SMTP) server.  Click on Next.

8. Enter your GlobalNet user name in the
Account name field and your password in the Password field.  Click on Next.

9. Click on
Finish. Congratulations you are all set to
receive email via Outlook Express.

  GlobalNet has thousands of access numbers to serve you across the USA:  

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