Follow these easy steps below to set up your Internet And Email on your Sega Dreamcast.

1.  First, you'll need to put the Dreamcast Network Browser CD into the Dreamcast. When it starts up, use your controller to move the cursor to the Use your own ISP option, then press the A button.

2.  If you do not see the screen for setting up your Internet connection and email account, press the Start button. You should then see several icons pop up in a pattern in the middle of your screen. Move your cursor to Options on the bottom right, then press the A button.

3.  Move your cursor to the Internet Connection icon, then press the A button.

4.  On the Basic Info screen, you will see an on-screen keyboard which you can use to enter the following information:

For Your Real Name, enter your full name.
For User Login, enter your in all lowercase letters.
For Password, enter your password in all lowercase letters..
For Dial up number, enter your local access number, including the area code. If you are unsure of your local access number,

Click Here for a list of Local Access Numbers.

The Backup Number field can be left blank.
For DNS1, Leave it Blank.
For DNS2, Leave it Blank.

5.  Then select Dial Options at the top of the screen.

6.  On the Dial Options screen:

For Area code you are dialing from, enter your location's three-digit area code.
For Long distance call prefix, you can enter a 1 if necessary.
For Call waiting prefix, if your phone line has Call Waiting, you can disable it on a per-call basis to keep incoming calls from terminating your Internet connection. For most phone companies, the prefix you should enter to disable Call Waiting is *70, (or 1170, if you have pulse dialing) . If your phone line does not have Call Waiting, leave this field blank.
For Outside dial prefix, if your location requires that you dial any extra digits to access an outside line, enter them here.
For Dial, select Tone or Pulse dialing, whichever you have.
For Dial area code, select Off UNLESS your local access number is in a different area code than you are in.
For Blind dial, select Off unless your line is equipped with Call Answering (voice mail). If you have Call Answering, the "stutter tone" generated by waiting messages will keep you from being able to dial in unless you turn on the Blind Dial feature.

7.  Then select Proxy Setting at the top of the screen. On the Proxy Setting screen: For Use Proxy, select No. Click OK

8.  Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save the settings to the console memory. You are now setup for Internet on your Dreamcast.

If you want to setup your email on your Sega Dreamcast then continue to Step #9.

9.  Now, move your cursor to the Email Account icon, then press the A button.
On the Email Account screen:

For Email Login, enter your username (i.e. in all lowercase letters.
For Email Password, enter your password.
For Incoming Server (POP3), enter
For Outgoing Server (SMTP), enter
If you like, you can check Show mail header when getting mail, which causes extra information from the server to be displayed at the top of incoming messages.
If you like, you can check Include original message in replies, which includes the text of the message you are replying to inside of your reply.
When you are done, click OK.

10.  Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save the settings to the console memory.

11.  You're done! To connect, click on ENTER from the main screen to browse the Web, or click E-MAIL to send or receive mail. To disconnect, click on the two arrows on any screen (), or simply turn off the Dreamcast system.

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