GlobalNet Internet Services provides local dial-up access for the following areas in the state of New Jersey.

(505) 212-7019
(505) 384-6054
(505) 404-0143
(505) 407-4011
(505) 465-8032
(505) 565-6024
(505) 832-3033
(505) 847-3032
(505) 966-4025
Pena Blanca
Los Lunas

This is just a partial list of our coverage area.  If you don't see your city listed here please give us a call to obtain a local access number in your area.

* Disclaimer:  GlobalNet Internet Services is not responsible for any charges you may receive on your phone bill.  It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that they are using a local access number or are willing to incur all charges that might be incurred by using a non-local access number.

  GlobalNet has thousands of access numbers to serve you across the USA:  

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