Mac OS 10.2 or higher

1. In order to use GlobalNet Web Accelerator, you must add this service to your existing GlobalNet Internet Services account. To add GlobalNet Web Accelerator to your existing service, contact a GlobalNet Customer Service Representative at 1(800) 809-6665.

2. Click here to download Setup Disk Image File.

3. To begin the GlobalNet Web Accelerator installation, click on the Setup Disk Image File.

4. When opening the disk image file, OS X will automatically mount the image and open the contents for display.

5.Click on the Globalnet Web AcceIerator Installer Package inside of the disk image folder. This will start the installation.

6. This is the opening screen of the installation. Press the "Continue" button to view the license agreement.

7. After reviewing the license agreement, hit the "Continue" button.

8. This will drop down a sub menu. If you agree to the terms of the installation, press the "Agree" button. If not, choose "Disagree." If you do not agree to the terms, than you will not be able to continue with the software installation.

9. After agreeing to the terms of the license agreement, you will need to select a drive for installation. Choose your drive and press the "Continue" button.

10. To begin the software installation, click the "Update" button.

11. You may be prompted to enter a username name and password for an account with the right to install software on your computer. If you are prompted, you must enter a valid username and password to continue.

12. The software will now be installed. After installation, OS X will optimize the hard disk.

13. Upon completion you will be prompted as to whether or not the installation was successful. Close the installer by clicking the "Close" button.

14. After installation, the GlobalNet software will open. The first screen will ask you for your proper logon information. *** Enter in your all in lowercase. *** Click the "Save and Continue" button after you have entered your information.

15. If you need to access your GlobalNet Web Accelerator it isn't already running, double-click on the "Macintosh HD" or your local drive that you installed the software to.

16. Double-click to open the "Applications" folder.

17. Choose the "GlobalNet Web Accelerator" icon. Double-click this icon to open the Web Accelerator.

18. GlobalNet Web Accelerator will load and be visible in the OS X Dock.

19. The GlobalNet Web Accelerator application will open to the Status tab. In this tab, you will see the current status of the Globalnet Web Accelerator. If there is traffic running through the GlobalNet Web Accelerator, the icon will animate. If you see the message "waiting for traffic" it means that the Accelerator is started and is waiting for you to start browsing the Web.

20. In the Images tab, you will be able to change the acceleration speed as it relates to image quality. Images will become more compressed when the acceleration speed is increased.

21. The Connections tab will display your login information.

22. Clicking the "Advanced..." button will open a new window with information about the GlobalNet Web Accelerator server. Changing any of these fields could disable the GlobalNet Web Accelerator.

23. The Features tab will allow you to choose between enabling or disabling the more advanced features of the GlobalNet Web Accelerator such as blocking in-page advertisements, version updates and Flash acceleration.

24. By clicking the GlobalNet Web Accelerator menu, you can Start GlobalNet Web Accelerator if the service is stopped, Stop GlobalNet Web Accelerator if the service is already started, or open the Diagnostics terminal.

25. The Diagnostics terminal will give you information about your Internet connection and your system. To run the terminal, click on the "Get Diagnostics Info" button. Clicking the "OK" button will close the window. The "Copy" button wil copy the information on the terminal window to the clipboard should you need to paste it into an email to support.

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