1. In order to use the GX4 Hi-Speed Access, you must add this service to your existing GlobalNet Internet Services account. To add GlobalNet Web Accelerator to your existing service, contact a GlobalNet Customer Service Representative at 1(800) 809-6665.

2. Download the GX4 Hi-Speed Access and save it to your Desktop. Click here to download

3. Disconnect from the internet. Double click on the accelerator.exe icon to start the installation.

4. When the GX4 (GlobalNet Web Accelerator) wizard appears, click Next.

5. Click on the box that says I acknowledge that I have read and accepted the terms of this license agreement. Click Next.

6. On the Destination Location screen, click Next.

7. When the GX4 Hi-Speed Access is done installing the software, click Finish. You will now be prompted to restart your computer. Click OK to restart.

8. Once you computer has been restarted, connect to the Internet.

9. Once you've connected to the Internet, the GlobalNet GX4 Accelerator Login screen will appear

10. In the password box, enter in your password all in lowercase. The Save Password box should be checked. Click OK.

That's it. The GX4 Hi-Speed Access will automatically run in the background and begin accelerating pages every time you log onto the Internet.

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